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Comments from our customers and supporters – you helped us become the
London regional winner of the Independent Bookshop of the Year

Regional Winner

“Warm, friendly staff with excellent knowledge. Ask them anything!”

“They have the best selection – always.”

“Newham Bookshop is that very rare thing. It provides an oasis of book reading joy to a very diverse area that is all too often overlooked culturally and intellectually… We have never been there without spending many hours and many pennies on its selection of books.”

“This is a fabulous local bookshop with fantastic bookseller in the shape of Viv… If you were inventing a perfect bookshop from scratch, it would look like Newham Bookshop.”

Regional Winner

“Staff are so lovely and helpful, you can find anything you want in the bookshop. It’s just a great space! Love it!”

“I have always found Vivian and her staff knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and truly inclusive. They are at the heart of Newham’s creative community, but they also look to the wider world.”

“This bookshop is a ray of sunshine in a bleak part of London… The staff are always helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to order obscure requests in.”

“It’s our bookshop of choice. Their range of feminist and trade union books is extensive. Their service is excellent always, arriving on time and immediately making everyone feel able to ask questions about the books on sale.”

“Newham Bookshop holds a special place in the community. They have provided an unparalleled service to the area for decades, including a long standing past with West Ham Football Club… We are so very lucky to have them.”

“By far the best bookshop in London. Viv and her team are not only extremely friendly and knowledgeable but also support the local and greater community. A real beacon of light.”

“When I order books, they are immediately found and in a wonderfully friendly, helpful manner. Their knowledge of publishing is incredible. Extreme professionalism.”

“More than just a bookshop, it is a social hub putting on readings in local venues where you can meet even more people… I am so glad that it is here where I live”

Regional Winner

“Newham Bookshop is a much-valued institution which has thrived and survived, despite massive and ongoing changes in its local area… It deserves to be recognised.”

“This is not a corporate, bland experience. When you visit Newham Bookshop, the love for books sings from every shelf. I love going in here to browse and Viv always points you in the direction of a book you would never have chosen, but know you will never regret reading!”

Regional Winner

“It is the best stocked bookshop I know. Viv works tirelessly to bring books to events, always expanding as usual. She is also the best read and informed person working in any small bookstore.”

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Interested in learning more about Newham Bookshop and some of the people connected with it? We have four lessons for classroom or family use developed from On the Record’s oral history project centered around Newham Bookshop, Writing and Reading Newham. Click here for full details.

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Newham Bookshop is LoveReading’s
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We are proud that Newham Bookshop is LoveReading’s Bookshop of the Month. The article features a Q&A with Vivian Archer, which you can read here.

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