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Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher by Luan Goldie
Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher is published by Walker Books in paperback at £7.99.

Luan Goldie

Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher

K-pop meets Freaky Friday in a hilarious body swap adventure for 8+ readers from Costa-winning author Luan Goldie, perfect for fans of Jenny Pearson and David Solomons. When 11-year-old K-pop obsessed Skylar inexplicably switches bodies with her super strict 71-year-old headteacher, Ms Callus, she’s thrown into a hilarious world of dancing old ladies gone viral and school rules thrown out the window, as she tries to figure out how on earth to swap back! But then the chance to meet her favourite boyband AZ8 in real life changes everything, and Skylar must decide whether her K-pop dream come true is worth risking being stuck as an old lady for ever… Singing with laugh-out-loud moments, this is a joyful and uplifting tale of friendship, fandom and chasing your dreams.

“This Freaky Friday-esque adventure is packed full with laugh-out-loud jokes about generational misunderstandings, and readers will be left wondering whether teachers, even the worse ones, might be human after all.” — The Bookseller, Editor’s Choice.

“Freaky Friday on a K-Pop sugar rush! Fizzing with fun, fandom and heart… This book is thunderingly awesome!” — Ryan Hammond, author of Villains Academy.

“The funniest book I’ve read in ages – a laugh-out-loud, feel-good middle grade adventure with some unforgettable characters.” — Sophie Cameron, author of Our Sister, Again.

“This story sparkles like confetti. It’s fast, funny and filled with heart. I loved it!” — Hannah Moffatt, author of Small!

“Hilarious… sparkles with mischief… For music fans, fans of books that will very definitely make you laugh and curious readers this book is going to be a hit.” — Armadillo Magazine.

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