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Empireworld by Sathnam Sanghera
Empireworld is published by Viking in hardback at £20.

Sathnam Sanghera


How British Imperialism Has Shaped the Globe

From the award-winning author of Empireland – the book that started a national conversation about how we talk about race and imperial history in Britain – a ground-breaking exploration
of how British empire has shaped the world we live in today.

Empireland examined imperialism’s lasting impact on Britain.

Empireworld traces the legacies of British empire across the globe. 2.6 billion people are inhabitants of former British colonies. The empire’s influence upon the quarter of the planet it occupied, and its gravitational influence upon the world outside it, has been profound: from the spread of Christianity by missionaries, to nearly 1 in 3 driving on the left side of the road, to the origins of international law.

Yet Britain’s idea of its imperial history and the world's experience of it are two very different things.

In Empireworld, award-winning author and journalist Sathnam Sanghera extends his examination of British imperial legacies beyond Britain. With an inimitable combination of wit, political insight and personal honesty, he explores the international legacies of British empire – from the creation of tea plantations across the globe, to environmental destruction, conservation, and the imperial connotations of Royal tours.

His journey takes him from Barbados and Mauritius to India and Nigeria and beyond. In doing so, Sanghera demonstrates just how deeply British imperialism is baked into our world. And why it’s time Britain was finally honest with itself about empire.

“Beautifully written, and not just a welcome corrective but a book for our times. This is essential reading.” — Peter Frankopan.

“Once again, Sathnam Sanghera has advanced the civil conversation we all need to have about empire and its legacies.” — Jonathan Coe.

“Engages in deep research and historical re-analysis… also a profoundly moving work of personal insight, intelligence and compassion.” — Elizabeth Day.

“This is a ground-breaking and eye-opening book, that everyone should read. Written with wit, nuance and academic rigour; it is a long overdue look at Empire and its effect on the world.” — Kavita Puri.