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Newham Bookshop, Pete Fallan, March 2021.

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 by Chitra Soundar
Sona Sharma, Wish Me Luck is published by Walker Books in paperback at £6.99.

Chitra Soundar

Sona Sharma, Wish Me Luck

Sona Sharma lives in India with her busy family, where she learns about the ups and downs of family, friendship and life. Sona and her friends are excited to learn their beloved teacher, Miss Rao, is getting married – but then they panic that she might leave their school for ever after her wedding! They try all kinds of tactics, like wishing on a peacock feather and even starting a petition to keep Miss Rao. But Miss Rao&rsuo;s beautiful Indian wedding has a surprise in store for the girls.

“Warmly loving and evocative.” — The Guardian.

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