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45 years: 1978-2023

Open Tuesday to Saturday from
10 am to 5 pm.

We can send books by post, usually £3 in the UK.
Michael Rosen signing on 2 December flyer

Saturday 2 December from 1 to 3 pm
at The Wanstead Tap

Book signing
with Michael Rosen
On sale: all his latest books and many favourites for children and adults

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Christmas tree with decorations

Saturday 9 December from 10 am to 5 pm
at Newham Bookshop

Christmas Discount Day
15% off
all books in stock*
For all your
Christmas gifts

*Except workbooks and revision books

Newham Bookshop by Pete Fallan
Newham Bookshop, Pete Fallan, March 2021.

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Past event held on Monday 6 September

Newham Bookshop logo (2015)
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Do Earth by Tamsin Omond
Do Earth is published by The Do Book Co. in paperback at £8.99.

Tamsin Omond

Do Earth

Healing Strategies for Humankind

We know there’s a climate emergency but what does that mean we should do? What does a better future look like and how do we get there? Having spent over a decade on the frontlines of climate activism organising, campaigning, and holding the powerful to account Tamsin Omond discovered first-hand that this crisis is too big for one group of activists to solve. It needs everyone. Do Earth is about collective action and community engagement.

It’s about healing our relationships with nature, each other and ourselves; and feeling inspired about what the next phase of human evolution might be. With practical guidance and gentle encouragement, Do Earth provides a blueprint for reimagining the world and reviving our beautiful planet. Totally brilliant.

“It’s not just a handbook for activism but also a way to live.” — Ed O’Brien, Radiohead.

“If you read one book on climate change this year, make it this one.” — Jack Harries, co-founder, Earthrise Studio.

“A powerful guide to becoming active from one of the country’s most respected and creative campaigners.” — Caroline Lucas MP.