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Our ad there – see our posters in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Newham Bookshop 2The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is now open to the public. We are part of the Your Ad Here project which commissioned artists to design posters to advertise local businesses. Our poster was designed by Bridget Meyne, a third-year illustration student. Have a look at the posters here.

James Lovelock with John Gray at Conway Hall

DSC0375Pictures of the event where James Lovelock discussed his book A Rough Ride to the Future with John Gray.


Sarah Wise shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize 2014

Sarah WiseWe are delighted that Sarah Wise is one of the authors in the shortlist for the Wellcome Book Prize, which will be awarded on 29 April. Sarah is one of the most popular authors at our events, and is a great friend and supporter of Newham Bookshop. She talked about her book, Inconvenient People, at Wanstead Library in November 2012. More details about the Wellcome Book Prize.

 Newham Bookshop Events

Wednesday 30 April at 7 pm at Wanstead Library

Claudia RodenWe are pleased to welcome Claudia Roden once again to Wanstead Library. She will be talking about the updated 25th anniversary edition of her famous book The Food of Italy.

Tickets £5 from Newham Bookshop or Wanstead Library (tel: 020 8708 7400)

 ♦ Monday 23 June at 7 pm at Wanstead Library

Jerry WhiteWe welcome Jerry White back to Wanstead to talk about his new book, Zeppelin Nights: London in the First World War.

Tickets £5 from Newham Bookshop or Wanstead Library (tel: 020 8708 7400)


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Events at Bishopsgate Institute

We are pleased to be able to tell you about selected events at Bishopsgate Institute, a venue where we have held some of our own most enjoyed events.

Thursday 1 May at 7.30 pm: The Enemy Within

Thirty years ago, miners went on strike across Britain to resist the Tory government’s plans for sweeping pit closures. The strike remains the longest mass industrial dispute in British history – a war between Margaret Thatcher and the labour movement, and the miners’ union she branded “the enemy within” in particular. The strike’s outcome signalled a profound change in Britain’s social and economic landscape and its aftershocks can still be felt throughout the country today.

The Enemy Within, Seumas Milne’s classic account of the miners’ strike and its aftermath, reveals the astonishing lengths to which Thatcher’s government and its security machine were prepared to go to destroy the power of the trade unions. Recently declassified government papers have provided further revelations about the secret war against organised labour and political dissent, reflected in today’s undercover police operations.

Seumas Milne will be joined in discussion by Arthur Scargill, former president of the NUM from 1982-2002, union organiser Ewa Jasiewicz, Owen Jones, author of Chavs, for a special event looking at the legacy of the miners’ strike and its lessons for the future, chaired by journalist Dawn Foster.

Tickets £9 (£7 concessions) from Bishopsgate Institute. Book online or telephone 020 7392 9200.

Newham Bookshop – official booksellers at many other events

We are the booksellers at Book Slam and at many Conway Hall events, including those for the Centre for Inquiry UK (CFI) and the Conway Hall Ethical Society.

Events in April at Conway Hall include:

Saturday 12 April from 10.30 am to 3.45 pm: CFI UK and Conway Hall Ethical Society present Global Warming – Where Do We Go From Here?

Monday 14 April at 7.30 pm: The British Humanist Association Voltaire Lecture 2014 with Jim Al-Khalili, President of the BHA: Lessons from the past: science and rationa­lism in medieval Islam.

Please use the links for more information and to book tickets.

Do you know any former WAAFs, WRENs or ATS Girls from World War II?

WouldDuncan Nuala they like to tell their story?

The authors of our bestseller The Sugar Girls would like to hear from you for their new book about women in the War. If you know of anyone, please email or call the Bookshop, or pop in and tell us.

Newham Bookshop posters at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Newham Bookshop was invited to be part of the Your Ad Here project, which commissioned artists to design posters to advertise local businesses. The posters are being displayed in the newly reopened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for five years. The first posters are displayed near the Copper Box arena, and show a part of the whole design.

Our poster was designed by Bridget Meyne, a third-year illustration student at Falmouth University.

Newham Bookshop and othersNewham Bookshop 2These pictures were taken at the Olympic Park. The picture below shows the complete poster, which will be displayed in the Olympic Park later on. Some of the other posters were shown recently in The Observer Magazine, and you can see them on The Guardian’s website here.

Newham Bookshop March 2014