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Newham Bookshop by Pete Fallan
Newham Bookshop, Pete Fallan, March 2021.

Mega Robo Bros: Power Up by Neill Cameron
Mega Robo Bros: Power Up is published by David Fickling Books in paperback at £8.99.

Neill Cameron

Mega Robo Bros: Power Up

This amazing book republishes Mega Robo Bros, fully remastered and adapted into a new chunky format, with lots of extra bonus content!

Brothers – Robots – Superheroes.

Alex and Freddy are two normal bickering brothers – who also happen to be super-powered robots! They’re off on school trips, going to the theme park, and annoying each other in the playground.

But when robot attacks take place over London, it’s time for the boys to step up! Will they be able to foil the plans of the evil Robot 23?

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