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From Tuesday 13 April
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Thank you to all our customers, local, national and worldwide, for your loyalty and support over the last year.

Burnt Sugar by Avni Doshi
Burnt Sugar is published by
Penguin in paperback at £14.99.

Avni Doshi

Burnt Sugar

The hottest debut of 2020, an unmissable, Booker-shortlisted novel which everyone’s talking about: a searing, compulsively readable tale of mothers and daughters, love and betrayal.
Picked as a Book of the Year 2020 by The Guardian, The Economist, The Spectator and more…

In her youth, Tara was wild. She abandoned her arranged marriage to join an ashram, took a hapless artist for a lover, rebelled against every social expectation of a good Indian woman – all with her young child in tow. Years on, she is an old woman with a fading memory, mixing up her maid’s wages and leaving the gas on all night, and her grown-up daughter is faced with the task of caring for a mother who never seemed to care for her.

This is a poisoned love story. But not between lovers – between mother and daughter. Sharp as a blade and laced with caustic wit, Burnt Sugar gradually untangles the knot of memory and myth that bind two women together, revealing the truth that lies beneath.

“Arresting and fiercely intelligent, disarmingly witty and frank.” — The Sunday Times.

“Extraordinary. Exquisitely written, painfully exhilarating, impossible to put down… Come for the effortlessly stylish writing, stay for the boiling wrath. ” — The Observer.

“Beautifully written with startling imagery – emotionally wrenching and poignant in equal measure.” — The Booker Prize Judges 2020.

“An unsettling, sinewy debut, startling in its venom and disarming in its humour from the very first sentence.” — The Guardian.

“A corrosive, compulsive debut.” — Daily Telegraph.

“Scouringly brilliant, a blazing debut with words that glitter sharp as shards of broken mirror.” — Buro.

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