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Lost London by Tim Brown
Lost London is published by Amberley Publishing in paperback at £15.99.

Tim Brown

Lost London

London has seen huge changes since the 1980s. Massive infrastructure projects such as Crossrail/the Elizabeth Line have transformed the cityscape in many parts of the capital. Areas such as Kings Cross and much of the City of London have been rebuilt and the Docklands area has been regenerated.

Everyday street scenes have also changed over the decades, with transport modernised, shops disappeared or redesigned, other buildings repurposed or demolished, and new areas becoming fashionable. Lost London presents a portrait of the city, from the 1980s to recent years that has radically changed or disappeared today, showing not only industries and buildings that have gone but also people and street scenes, many popular places of entertainment and much more. This fascinating photographic history of lost London will appeal to all those who live in London or know it well, as well as those who remember it from previous decades.